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I've been posting these progress reports on SFF Net for years, but I think it's time to start putting them other places, as well.

These are (in case it's not obvious) an ongoing record of my day's fiction output. In this instance, Realms of Light is the long-planned sequel to Nightside City, my cyberpunk-influenced SF detective story that was originally published in 1989. I started writing the sequel almost immediately, but lack of interest from my publisher of the time, Del Rey Books, led to it being shelved for almost twenty years.

Last year I decided to go ahead and write it anyway, and I have a verbal agreement with FoxAcre Press (the current publisher of Nightside City to publish it once it's finished. I've been doing the first draft as an online serial on the "Storyteller's Bowl" model, same as I did with the last two Ethshar novels, but it hasn't been as successful.

Here's today's progress:

Last time looked at: 10/14/09*

Last actual wordage added: 10/14/09

Pages added 10/14/09: 5

Current page count: 169

Estimated final page count: About 200

Deadline: None. Being written for serialization.

Chapters paid for: 10.992

Chapters posted to the web: 11

Chapters e-mailed to donors: 14

Comments: Nearing the end of Chapter Sixteen; the story's going pretty quickly now that I'm nearing the end.

And I am nearing the end; I'm now thinking it'll only run eighteen chapters, though it could still take twenty. (I'd originally estimated twenty-five. It won't be that many.)

I'm over 50,000 words, which is good, but I doubt it'll get to 60,000. Just as well I'm not doing this for Tor. Might get significantly longer by the time I get through the final draft, though.


* For purposes of progress reports, a given date lasts until I go to bed; even though it's long after midnight, I still consider it 10/14/09.


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