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Since I wasn't especially impressed with the terms offered by interested publishers, I've decided to take a plunge into the brave new world of the web. I'm self-publishing my latest novel.

One-Eyed Jack straddles the line between urban fantasy and horror. One of Gregory Kraft's high school teachers meddled in what she thought was witchcraft, and cursed a handful of her students. From there, matters got worse.

The survivors still suffer from her spells. For Greg, that curse took the form of the ability to see the ghosts and monsters around us by night. He's afflicted with prophetic dreams as well.

In one such dream he sees a lonely, emotionally-abused boy named Jack who has been befriended by a hungry ghost that calls itself Jenny -- a ghost whose only food is human children. Jack has been appeasing the ghost with parts of himself, but he can only give up so much. He needs to find her another source of food.

Jack knows there are other desperate children...

As mentioned, Greg can see the monsters, but ordinarily he can't affect them. He can't stop them. This time, though, he's determined to stop Jenny -- but how?

The trade paperback edition is $14.98.

The Kindle edition is $5.99.

The NookBook (ePub) edition and Smashwords edition are also $5.99.

The trade paperback edition should be available from Amazon soon, and I believe it can be special ordered by traditional outlets -- the ISBN is 9781466291539. (It's possible it isn't available to them yet, but, as with Amazon, it should be soon.)

Check it out. Hope you like it.


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