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Chapter Fifteen has finally put in an appearance.

Chapter Sixteen is written, as donors should know -- I've been e-mailing chapters to donors as soon as they're ready, rather than making them wait for the postings. Chapter Seventeen ran into Thanksgiving and other delays, and is still less than half written. I'm now estimating that the novel will run about twenty chapters, but that could still be off a couple of chapters either way.

I'm going to finish the novel, and Wildside intends to publish it, regardless of what happens to the serialization.

Thanks to a "clever" spammer, as of last night no e-mail from my ISP is getting through to Hotmail addresses -- or certain other domains, but I'm not sure exactly which. At least one is in Australia. If you think you should have received a notice of some sort from me and you haven't, that's probably why. We're working on getting it fixed.

I think that's it for now. Happy holidays!
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Chapter Nine of The Final Calling is now online.

I was away for four days, and we've had two sets of house-guests in the past week, so I haven't had much writing time; I'm still near the beginning of writing Chapter Sixteen.

Chapter Sixteen is paid for; I don't think Chapter Seventeen is, but I haven't actually run the numbers since Thursday.

Chapter Ten will be posted on Wednesday, August 18th.
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I've written about a third of Tom Derringer and the Aluminum Airship. When I finish it, The Final Calling moves to the top of my priority list, unless some well-paying job crops up.

Meanwhile, I've written most of Chapter Two of The Final Calling. (I'm on page 24.) Once I've started Chapter Five, I'll have enough to launch the serial.

I do not know how long this will take, and can't give a definite launch date, but it will be this year and probably no later than August. Could be much sooner.

If anyone wants to get an early start on sending me money, donations to "The Warlock's Refuge" do count toward The Final Calling. I did mention this somewhere, but it hasn't been widely publicized, and so far I have less than half a chapter paid or.

Each chapter of The Final Calling will cost $250. $25 will definitely guarantee anyone with a U.S. address a copy of the finished book, if and when there is one -- Wildside Press has expressed interest in publishing it, if and when it's written, but of course there's no contract yet. It's possible, though not particularly likely, that I might cut that to $20 or offer an e-book option, so if you want to wait and see, you can. Shipping costs being what they are these days, though, a cut to $20 is unlikely, especially since this may (or may not) turn out to be a significantly longer book than my previous serials.

Changing shipping costs and exchange rates mean I don't yet know what the minimum for Canadian or overseas donors will be to guarantee a copy.

Of course, you're welcome to send less than the minimum, to help get the thing online; you just won't be guaranteed a bound copy until your donations total $25 or more.

Please note that when I say "guarantee," that's a conditional thing; it only applies if the novel is completed and published. If I don't finish the book for any reason, then no one gets a copy, whether it's because it didn't bring in enough money, or because I got hit by a bus. This is why I call people who send money "donors," rather than "subscribers" -- you're donating money, not buying something. You'll get a book if there is a book, but I'm not promising one.

It's much too early to be thinking about what extras might be included to donors.

Incidentally, if I were doing this properly, rather than yielding to fan pressure, I should have written Dumery of the Dragon before The Final Calling. Alas, I didn't realize that until after I was committed to the present course. Ah, well. It's not a perfect world.


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