Mar. 14th, 2013

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I haven't posted here in ages, "here" being either Dreamwidth or LiveJournal, unless you count tweets that show up on LJ. Seems as if I ought to do a general update on things.

My writing: I've been working on several novels at once -- no short stories or nonfiction lately. Here's a partial(!) list:

Graveyard Girl is a "young adult" novel about a fifteen-year-old girl who acquires a specific limited psychic ability. I started it in 2010, but it was very slow going for at least four reasons; I finally finished the first draft Tuesday. 175 pages, 49,000 words. Now I need to get started on the second draft.

Ishta's Companion (the title on this one has changed several times) is the next (probably) Ethshar novel. I started outlining it back in the 1980s as A Stranger in the Forest. It'll probably be the next serial, starting this summer. I'm just over 60 pages in.

On A Field Sable is the third novel in "The Fall of the Sorcerers," following A Young Man Without Magic and Above His Proper Station. Tor decided to drop the series, so I put it aside for a couple of years, but dammit, I want to write it anyway, so I will. I'm about 200 pages in -- maybe halfway.

The Innkeeper's Daughter is a stand-alone light fantasy I started on a whim last year. I'm on page 37. No idea what will become of it.

Mirrors and Shadows is the first volume in an urban fantasy trilogy I started maybe twenty years ago and put aside because I was busy with other stuff. I recently decided to push it higher up the priority list. I had a chapter and a bit; now, after throwing out some stuff I decided wasn't working, I have a chapter and four-fifths.

Vika's Avenger is a science-fantasy novel I wrote a couple of years ago that didn't find a publisher. I'm revising it and planning to do a Kickstarter campaign to pay for cover art, getting it professionally edited, and so on, so I can do a decent job self-publishing it. I'm not quite halfway through the rewrite.

That's all the active stuff -- i.e., I think that's everything I've worked on writing since Christmas, but I'm not sure, and there are several others where I have files open in NeoOffice as I'm typing this.

On the publishing front, I'm looking into two novels that Misenchanted Press may publish by people other than me. One's a new revised edition of an SF novel Tor published, and the other's an all-new fantasy; I don't want to be more specific than that, since as yet there aren't any signed contracts. I was copy-editing one of them just before coming here to type up this post.

I've done our 2012 tax returns; Julie still needs to look them over before I can file them.

Was in a car crash Friday -- a very small one, no one hurt, but our car will be in the body shop most of next week.

We're getting solar panels installed on the roof this spring, if all goes well. The paperwork is progressing. Site design's been done, and we're waiting for permits.

Been making travel plans; looks like we'll have three vacations this year.

And I guess that's it. Thought there was more. I'm probably forgetting something; I got interrupted midway through typing this.

ADD: Oh, yeah! I'm going to be do an AMA ("Ask Me Anything") on Reddit on May 9th, barring disaster. Start thinking up questions now!


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